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by on March 3, 2015

With Kim John Payne

News from Feb. 25th 2015

Dear Camellia Waldorf Parents, Grandparents and Friends,

It is my pleasure to share an update about our Social Inclusion approach at Camellia Waldorf. About a year ago, the seeds of this work were just being planted. As many of you know, the funding for Social Inclusion was generated by a tremendous response from the parents, faculty, staff, and board members. That moment of excitement at last year’s Camelliapalooza Fund A Need is a memory that I will cherish for years to come. We rallied together to raise more than $30,000.00 to support our Faculty and Staff to learn with Kim John Payne and to bring this approach to our children. We came together as parents to learn about Simplicity Parenting, to read and discuss this book, and to learn from our children’s teachers. We made an important statement about who and what is important for our community, and the world that we continue to build each and every day.

The seeds are indeed growing into beautiful moments and strong roots for our community. We are excited to share stories of how Social Inclusion is entering into our classrooms, our play areas, our office, and our homes. Almost every day, I have the joy of experiencing or participating in a moment with a child that is guided by this approach.

The Faculty and Staff are hard at work supporting this program. Time is dedicated weekly at our Faculty meetings to continue our learning, identify children who will benefit from Social Inclusion, and vision towards greater implementation. The Faculty is in the process of finalizing the Mandate for our Social Inclusion work, creating a foundation and a framework for all involved. We are also hard at work creating a Social Inclusion Statement that will be shared with our community. Many public schools have a No Bullying or Zero Tolerance Policy; at Camellia, as with many Waldorf schools, our approach is one that redirects children, guides reflection and growth, and supports them in learning to accept responsibility. The Social Inclusion leadership group looks forward to sharing this document with our community in the near future. The Three Streams Group of parents, teachers, and the administrator is now meeting on a monthly basis as we continue to learn more about this work and being of support to our community.

In August, many of you had the delightful experience of meeting and learning with Kim John Payne. We are thrilled to announce that Kim will be returning this spring! Save the date and plan on joining Camellia Waldorf on Wednesday, April 15th at Sierra 2, 24th Street Theater for his lecture on Simplicity Parenting. More information will be coming soon.

Thank you for your generous support of our Social Inclusion approach and last year’s Camelliapalooza Fund A Need! Our community is already a kinder and more caring place because of this work.

Ardyth Sokoler
Camellia Waldorf School Administrator

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