Social Inclusion in Action

by on March 4, 2015

With Third Grade, Mrs. Thea Blair

News from Mar. 4th 2015


The Social Inclusion approach is alive and well at Camellia Waldorf School!  Mrs. Blair has been implementing the ‘calling out’ system.  When our children speak up in class she is using this opportunity as a teaching moment for compassionate communication and appropriate response.

There are 3 basic situations:

  •                    Right Comment, right time.
  •                    Right Comment, wrong time.
  •                    Wrong Comment, wrong time.

After teaching the children what the numbers meant, she can now simply say after a number: 1, 2, or 3 after a child makes a comment.  It’s simple, quick, and kind and the children are responding in a very positive way.  This can be used to highlight excellent communication skills by reinforcing them in the classroom and beyond.  It can also be used as a corrective tool.

One of the best things about this ‘calling out’ is that we can use this at home with our children as well as using it with each other and ourselves.  This program is not just about changing the patterns of children, rather it is about changing patterns in all of us.

Thank you to Mrs. Blair for bringing this gift to her children!

As always if you have more questions about this program please contact: Sarah Rucker, Student Support Coordinator at [email protected] or Ardyth Sokoler, Administrator at [email protected]


With Gratitude,

Cate Schweikert

Camellia Parent

Three Streams Committee Member

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