Social Inclusion Approach

by on May 19, 2015

One of the many things that was mysterious to me as I started to learn about the Social Inclusion Approach, is why is it called an approach and not a program?

According to Webster’s dictionary a program has the following definition: “A plan of action to accomplish a specified end” and defines approach as a: “Noun: a way of dealing with something.” and “Verb: To come near or nearer to (someone or something) in the distance”

A program has an end in the definition, but an approach, is coming nearer to, sitting next to if you will, and getting to know something more intimately. Thus an approach brings us closer to harmony and acceptance than we could get with a ‘program’.

An approach is also a way of dealing with something. In our case, with this approach it helps us to begin dealing with inclusion, guidance, and caring for our beloved children.

The definition of an approach  is more in line with what Kim John Payne brings to us with our social inclusion approach. It is a living thing. It is not something that has a beginning, a middle, and end. It is an ongoing process that requires us to come nearer to those things that bring us together, and those things that tear us apart with equal interest and value with investigating both with passion. This helps our children gain these skills as organically as possible given our own limitations as we grow as a community.

There are “Three Streams” of this approach and in the next Social Inclusion article, I will help you to understand each “Stream” in more detail.

The 3 streams are:
  • Discipline and Guidance
  • Care and Therapy
  • Social Inclusion

Each “Stream” has a faculty member and a parent helper that are overseen by the pedagogical chair and administrator to ensure a balanced and fair approach.

This has been our first year of introduction to this approach. We are in process of appointing parents and faculty members to create the environment for this approach to flourish.



Cate Schweikert

First Grade Parent

Communication Team Member.

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