• Tuesday’s, September 17th to November 19th 2019 (10 weeks) FULL!
  • Wednesday’s, September 18th to November 20th 2019 (10 weeks) REGISTER

9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.


$250 for 10 classes


[email protected] (916) 427-5022 with questions.

Next Sessions Dates:
  • Winter Session:
    – Tuesday’s, December 3rd 2019 to February 18th 2020 (10 weeks)
    – Wednesday’s, December 4th 2019 to February 19th 2020 (10 weeks)
  • Early Spring Session:
    – Tuesday’s, February 25th to March 31st 2020 (6 weeks)
    – Wednesday’s, February 26th to April 1st 2020 (6 weeks)
  • Late Spring Session:
    – Tuesday’s, April 21st to June 23rd 2020 (10 weeks)
    – Wednesday’s, April 22nd to June 24th 2020 (10 weeks)

Camellia Waldorf School offers parent-toddler classes for 18 to 36 month old children (if younger, need teacher approval), in which an experienced early childhood educator Lea Nelson-Gemmell leads parents/caregivers and children in healthy activities.
Tuesday class for younger toddler 18 to 30 month and our Wednesday class for older toddler 30 to 36 month.

Group classes are limited to 7 parent-children pairs each mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
(We require a minimum of 4 participants in a class.) 

Classes are offered in a welcoming and home-like space on our 3-acre campus that also includes a safe enclosed outdoor play space.

Our classroom provides open ended toys made of natural materials that offer many opportunities for imaginative play, safe climbing, and movement. Parents and their children will experience a calm rhythm that supports play, healthy self-initiated movement, imagination, and imitation.  The programs will include a morning of song, movement, indoor play, outdoor play, snack, and a simple story.

Call to schedule a private tour (916) 427-5022

A First Introduction to Waldorf Education

This class is frequently the first introduction to Waldorf education for a family and is designed to meet the needs of both parents/caregivers and children. We provide a wholesome and age-appropriate play space and toys and encourage and model healthy interactions between parents and children. We encourage parents to observe their children thereby learning more about their child’s development and needs.

A Community of Support

We support the forming of community among parents and provide a meeting place for parents with some common values. We offer support and encouragement to parents in the critical and demanding work of parenting toddlers. During the morning, informal conversation occurs about challenges that parents are currently facing, and other parents as well as the teacher can offer support and insight. Nutritious snacks both nourish the class participants and give parents ideas for foods to prepare for their children.