Class of 2013 College Acceptance

by on June 23, 2017

As the school year has come to a close, we wanted to share with you some news about the twelfth grader students from Camellia’s Class of 2013, who recently graduated from high school.

We wish Camellia’s Class of 2013 success with all of their future plans.  Thank you to alumni parents Frances Fort and Sonya Grant Zindel for compiling the information below from the Class of 2013 students and parents.

In 2013, Camellia’s graduating eighth graders headed off to many different high schools, including: C.K. McClatchy High School’s HISP program, Sacramento Waldorf School, Jesuit, Kennedy’s PACE program, St. Francis, Natomas Charter School, George Washington Carver, West Campus and the Met.

And now many of them are headed off to college.  The class of 2013 was accepted to many different schools, including:

UCs:  UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Davis

CSUs:  San Diego State, San Francisco State, Sacramento State, Monterey Bay State, Sonoma State, Cal Poly Pomona, and Channel Islands State University

Private Colleges and Universities and Out-of-State Schools:  Whitman College, University of San Francisco, Reed College, Wellesley College, Barnard, University of Portland, University of Puget Sound, Seattle University, Occidental College, Lewis and Clark, Whittier College, Notre Dame de Namur University, Southern Oregon University, Hofstra University, St. John’s University, Pace University, St. Mary’s College, Chapman University, University of La Verne, and Penn State University

Here’s what some of the members of Camellia’s Class of 2013 had to say about their experience at Camellia and how it contributed to their success: 

“[Camellia] not only motivated me to achieve, but helped me find the joy in learning and shaped who I am today. … At Camellia, I not only established close relationships with each one of my classmates, but with my teachers as well. These relationships made it easier to work with those around me both in and out of the classroom and in turn, aided my learning experience.”

 “In my Waldorf class, I learned and believed that my opinion mattered; I got used to expressing myself. I also gained confidence through performance in our annual Waldorf class plays.”

 “When I left behind my Waldorf school and classmates to be a part of the public school system at a large high school, I was confident in my intellectual and creative abilities.  In high school, I feel strongly about sharing my views and participate actively in all of my classes, engaging fully in all aspects of my work. Now I don’t fear raising my hand in class or talking in front of other people.”

 “My Waldorf education shaped who I am as a person and a student, and I continue to find enthusiasm for my work and a desire to learn every day.” 

And parents from this Camellia class had this to say:

 “We believe that our son significantly benefitted from the Waldorf education he received at Camellia. The nurturing student-centric environment, a curriculum grounded in the teaching of subjects in an age-appropriate manner, and an emphasis on ‘hands-on’ activities, such as baking, gardening, woodworking, and a wide spectrum of artistic mediums, were key to providing a well-grounded education for our son.

 “The steady diet of exposure to the arts was particularly valuable to him. Painting, drawing, eurythmy, drama, singing, playing a variety of instruments, including the recorder, flute, string instruments (cello in his case), helped open his awareness of the inherent beauty of the arts, sparked his creativity, and stoked a passionate interest in the performing arts. So much so that it led to his attending a high school dedicated to the performing arts where he was able to further develop his artistic talents.  

 “He was also well-served by the friendships and close relationships formed with his Camellia classmates. The bonds that were forged continue to be valued by him. His class became his ‘extended family’, and in large part, the families of his classmates were also seen as his ‘extra-extended family’. It is easy to see that Waldorf principles, such as instilling an understanding of & appreciation for the self as well as for the other, with mutual respect and compassion, and an abiding sense of connectedness, would provide rich soil for such positive relationships to sprout.”  

“Our daughter’s experience at Camellia of learning a wide range of subjects including cooking, composition, algebra, unicycling, basketball, and public speaking prepared her to try experiences that weren’t always comfortable at first, and to learn that almost anything gets easier with time.  She also learned that with hard work, she can excel even at things that don’t naturally come easily.  While the transition to a big, public high school was challenging, she and her other Camellia classmates had the tools of perseverance, creativity, and a rich historical perspective to thrive in a new environment.” 

“I have found that the Waldorf education gives students a breadth of knowledge and of critical thinking skills that I don’t see much in kids who go through traditional schooling.  It is evident in their writing, in the subjects they choose to learn about on their own, and especially in how they articulate a point of view.  Camellia students stand out as more…more creative, more articulate, more well-rounded, more informed…more excellent!  And this definitely makes them stand out in whatever high schools they choose to attend.”

“At the back to school night, my husband and I were talking with the sophomore HISP (advanced) English teacher and we touched on the fact that our child had come from Camellia.  She said something like: ‘that school, you should tell the teachers what a great job they are doing to prepare the kids…’ She said that when one Camellia grad raised his hand, he always had something ‘additive’ to say, something that advanced the discussion, rather than repeating or summarizing what had already been said.  As to another 2013 Camellia graduate, she said, she is ‘so on top of it; always knows what’s going on.’ She teaches all advanced kids and taught all 5 kids graduating from Camellia in 2013 that attended the HISP program at McClatchy.  Her comments to us further solidified our belief that we had made the right choice in having our son attend Camellia through 8th grade.”

 Best wishes to Camellia’s Class of 2013 with all of their future plans!




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