Francis Guild Parent Association

What is the Francis Guild Parent Association?

The Francis Guild is Camellia’s Parent Association. All Camellia parents are automatically members of the Francis Guild. Association dues are $30 per year.

What is the Mission of the Francis Guild?

The Francis Guild supports the Camellia Waldorf School community in the following ways (as defined in the bylaws):
• Fosters communication within the school community.
• Provides a forum for discussion of school wide issues.
• Provides support for fundraising in conjunction with the Fundraising Committee.
• Initiates and organizes parent education.
• Supports the social life of the school community.

What activities does the Francis Guild support?

We have organized and/or funded the following items:
• Yearbook
• Opening day welcome treats
• Michaelmas cakes
• Monthly Faculty and Staff Thursday dinners
• Protected Path
• Faculty and Staff Holiday Meal
• Faculty and Staff Birthday Recognition
• May Day strawberry shortcakes
• Parent Education events
• Eighth grade graduation treats
• New family educational materials

When does the Francis Guild meet, and what happens at a meeting?

The Francis Guild meets once a month. Each class has a Francis Guild Parent Representative who attends meetings, keeps parents informed, gathers input from parents, helps to organize events, and votes on issues as needed. Meetings are advertised on Camellia’s calendar.

Where can I find out more information about the Francis Guild?

• Contact your class’ Francis Guild Representative
• Contact the Francis Guild President at [email protected]
• Check out the Francis Guild Handbook