Hanna Schaffer

Second Grade Teacher

Ms. Schaffer spent the majority of her professional life working with children, ultimately finding her way into the classroom because Waldorf Education allowed her to use the largest number of her gifts and interests. She spent the last 2 years caring for and raising her youngest son. Before that Ms. Schaffer worked at Cedar Springs Waldorf School taking a class from 3rd through 7th grade. She completed her teacher training in Eugene, Oregon, and her BA through both Fresno State and Sacramento State. Ms. Schaffer has taught in a variety of forms including: aftercare, ceramics instructor, theater counselor, and literacy tutor. Working with children has always been her love and she is delighted to have found a new home at Camellia Waldorf School.

Mrs. Schaffer joined Camellia in 2018.

Contact Hanna Schaffer: [email protected]