Workshop w/ Dr. Lakshimi

by on February 12, 2018

Deepening Our Work with Waldorf Education: meeting the needs of every child

The picture of human nature as given by Rudolf Steiner is the basis of Waldorf Education. To further develop our capacity to meet these children we will work with archetypes of form and movement to see how these shape the human being, child development and the Waldorf Curriculum.

Dr. Lakshimi Prasanna is the co-founder and past president of the Anthroposophical Medical Society in India.
Lakshimi developed an interest in helping children with autism and sensory needs from a metabolic and sensory perspective based on Rudolf Steiner’s indications.

She will be joined in this workshop by Katherine Lehman, Laura Embrey and Cynthia Hoven.

Workshop Schedule:

Saturday February 24th 2018                           Sunday February 25th 2018
09:30 Gathering, treats & conversation                       9:00  Eurythmy
10:00 Lecture                                                               9:45  Lecture
12:00 Lunch                                                                10:30  Break
1:30 Lecture                                                               11:00  Lecture
2:15 Form Drawing                                                    12:30  Lunch
3:00 Break                                                           1:15-2:30  Closing
3:15 Small Groups
3:40 Sharing & Closing 

Cost:  $175*


* Online payment is required to complete the registration. A PayPal account is NOT required in order to complete the process.

The registration fee includes a non-refundable $50 deposit. Cancellation must be submitted in writing at least five days before the first day of class in order to receive a partial refund. There is no discount, refund, or other allowance for absence, illness, dismissal, withdrawal, or late cancellation.


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