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by on February 16, 2018

Camellia Waldorf School seeks an engaged and energetic grade school assistant teacher to support our 2018-2019 combine 1st / 2nd grade class teacher. The position is focused on providing academic support, substitution support, and training towards becoming a class teacher.

We value excellent skills in teaching, classroom management, communication, and collegial and parent relationships, as well as depth in spiritual work and understanding of students and their development. Our strong programming includes parent-toddler classes, preschool, kindergarten, as well as Grades 1 through 8, Eurythmy, Spanish, Handwork, Movement, Woodworking, and Music.

This position offers support within the classroom for our class teacher. Individual teacher will communicate their expectations. General assistance may include assisting with classroom tasks as agreed upon with the class teacher, replacement for class teacher who attend weekly/biweekly meetings, supervising and monitoring our play ground during recess, and assisting during snack & lunch times. This position may also include math and language arts support for grade students.


The ideal candidate will have a B.A. degree; demonstrated interest in the philosophy and methods of Waldorf education; elementary teaching experience; energy, commitment, and vitality for working with elementary and middle school aged children; and the ability to take direction from, and work closely with, the class teacher. Waldorf training and/or teaching experience is preferred. Student teachers in training are encouraged to apply as well.


Assistants support the class teacher in combined 1st/2nd grade in the following ways:

  • Assist in main lesson and the first two subject periods after main lesson. This may involve preparations and presentation of lessons as determined by class teacher or subject specialist
  • Provide small group instruction in subject areas as needed under the direction of class teacher or subject specialist
  • Work with individual children as directed by lead teacher
  • Help children get prepared during transitions, work with their materials, do bookwork, have proper posture and pencil grip
  • Participate in some classroom activities, speech work, flute or recording playing, etc.
  • Supervise snack, lunch, and recess and other times as needed
  • Prepare, maintain and organize classroom materials for instructional activities
  • Assist with set-up, clean-up, and maintaining a clean and tidy classroom
  • Encourage student participation in class activities by offering one-on-one assistance
  • Implement classroom (and school) discipline and behavior management programs
  • Proactively redirect students as needed
  • Support the review, grading and tracking of student work
  • Accompany some field trips
  • Participate in several parent meetings and conferences during the year
  • Support preparation and celebration of festivals
  • Meet with class teacher for guidance and planning
  • Be available for phone conversations or conferences as needed
  • Work with the class teacher and/or subject specialist to provide class notes or newsletter to families to keep parents informed of activities, events and class happenings
  • Work with the class teacher and subject specialists on providing information for a written evaluation of each child at the end of the year
  • Assist teacher in keeping appropriate records of each student’s progress in basic skills as well as records on small group work
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding all student or parent concerns
 Higher rate of pay would be given for any substitution
  •  Assistants will be first in line for substitution opportunities.

Rate of Pay:

$12.00 – $15.00/hour, part-time (25-27.5 hours/week) The ideal candidate will have training and/or an interest in Waldorf education and have experience working with grade school children. The position run from late August through the middle of June of each academic year.

If you are interested, please submit a cover letter and a resume listing background, training, experience, and three references to our Faculty Chair Carmen Gunn at


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