Early Childhood

Camellia Waldorf School offers Parent-Toddler (18-36 month old) classes, a Forest Preschool (3-4 years old) class and Kindergarten (4-6 years old) class, altogether serving families with children from 1 year (walking) through age 6. As the gateway for families to Waldorf education, our early childhood classes seek to welcome families as they are and work with them to build a cohesive educational and home experience for their children. Our work is rooted in and shaped by Rudolf Steiner’s articulation of child development and education.

Our child is allowed to be a child, to be who he is, with loving guidance. He enjoys going to school and learning about the world around him.

A Foundation for Future Life and Learning

The early childhood teachers are committed to an understanding of the years from birth to seven as a critical and unique time of life when the child begins the path of incarnation and the foundation is laid for future life and learning. We seek to surround the young child with goodness, beauty and truth, and to preserve and nurture children’s natural reverence for and wonder at the world around them. Each class is rooted in a daily and seasonal rhythm: each day unfolds in a predictable and secure way and we make our way through the year celebrating seasonal festivals and experiencing the seasonal changes in the natural world.

An Atmosphere of Beauty and Warmth

At this time of life, children’s senses are completely open and they literally absorb everything around them. Therefore we surround them with an atmosphere of beauty and warmth, in the classrooms, the outside spaces and in the human interactions. Children learn primarily through imitation at this age. Therefore teachers are attentive to model and offer domestic and real work activities, social interactions of respect and warmth, tending to our indoor and outdoor environments, and careful speech and movement.

Early childhood is a time of tremendous and foundational physical growth development as children literally come upright from birth to walking and then develop dexterity all the way out the tips of their fingers, toes and tongues. Early childhood is also the foundational and critical time for the integration of the senses, especially the foundational senses of touch, life, self-movement, and balance. To that end we offer both free opportunities, such as indoor and outdoor play, and structured opportunities, such as circle time or games, to explore gross and fine motor movement, and to stimulate these senses. We work with parents to mutually support their children’s development. Our hope is that children become “at home” in their bodies as a foundation for life and for the new kinds of work that begin in the grades.

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