Mark Schwartz

Math Specialist Teacher

Mark Schwartz has a Master’s in Business Administration from Santa Clara University. He exited a 20-year career in the State of California in 2007, as an internal and external auditor. Since 2012 he has been in business for himself as a payroll processor, payroll tax consultant and tutor. As a tutor, Mark gained the trust and admiration of both students and parents alike. His subjects of expertise are Mathematics, English Language Arts and Standardized Test Prep. He effectively tutors K-12 and Junior College students to both complete classwork and become better students. Most recently, Mark completed the Summer Pre-service program with Fortune Schools, receiving perfect marks in his preparation to be a classroom teacher. Mark believes in transforming abstract mathematical knowledge into real world applications with his students. He seeks to inspire students’ imagination, in order to prepare them for the careers that technology is changing and forming with increasing speed.

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