Josh Amaral

Fourth Grade Main Lesson Teacher

Mr. Amaral was born into a military family and grew up traveling most of the country. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a focus on grammar and composition from CSU Chico. He is currently enrolled at the University of San Francisco in pursuit of a Master’s in Teaching as well as Single Subject Credentials in English and Social Science.
Mr. Amaral is also a permitted substitute teacher with numerous state clearances to assist his endeavors to a full credential. He has taught in Chico area charter schools for more than three years before relocating to Sacramento. During which time, he has worked with all age groups in the K-12 environment, most recently, with the middle school grades of Wildflower Open Classroom in Chico.
Mr. Amaral is an avid performer with an appreciation for live theater, music, creative writing, and arts. He served as a youth instructor for Chico Theater Company for four years, during which he participated and contributed in over six youth productions and nearly twenty main stage productions. He also plays numerous instruments and is a firm believer in the power of rhythm and melody and their affect on the growing mind.
In his spare time, Mr. Amaral enjoys photography in its many forms, painting, writing poetry and short stories, reading classic fiction, and helping his family throughout their various life journeys.
He is happy to be part of Camellia’ faculty and bringing his all to its unique and wonderful environment.

Mr. Amaral joined Camellia Waldorf School in 2017.

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