Greg La Traille

Mr. La Traille is an American composer and visual artist. He has been drawing and painting since childhood. Due to a youthful heart problem which prevented participation in sports, the young La Traille took up art, including model building, painting, drawing, film making and sculpture. An early interest in music was perked by his father’s love of Stravinsky and small jazz ensembles and his mother’s love of Broadway musicals. Mr. LaTraille began piano lessons at an early age and while still in high school had composed piano music, chamber music, band and orchestral works including a viola concerto and a four-movement symphony.
Mr. La Traille is a composer with two degrees in music, and as an artist, he has worked in oils, pencil and pen & ink. He is a versatile artist comfortable in somewhat realist as well as abstract art and music. Mr. La Traille has an avid interest in amateur astronomy and has observed via various telescopes, planets, star clusters and galaxies. With a small close-knit group of friends, he made comedy films.
Mr. La Traille has taught as a faculty associate at Arizona State University, and has been a substitute at the elementary and middle school level. He is looking forward to sharing his experiences, creating analogies and inspiring students to approach the world with a sense of wonder.

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