CWS Receives AWSNA Accreditation

by on June 30, 2014

Camellia Waldorf School’s (CWS) journey to accredited status was celebrated on the podium at the June delegates meeting of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) at the Hartsbrook School in Hadley, Massachusetts. Current Board member and former administrator Meredith Johanson accepted the certificate on behalf of the school. The celebration was the culmination of a process begun in 2007.

In March 2014, CWS hosted a five-person visiting team, including four people from Waldorf schools and a retired teacher/administrator from Sacramento Unified School District. The team commended Camellia for many things it observed, including the school’s passionate, inspired and well-qualified faculty and staff, the focus on the students in decision-making at all levels of the school, and the richness of programs offered.

All schools that go through the accreditation process are also presented with a list of challenges to be worked on. The team offered recommendations that the school increase financial reserves, continue to clarify decision making processes, and focus creative energy and time on identifying a site that will meet program needs going forward.

CWS is now accredited through June 2017, with the possibility of an extension to 2021. The next step is to craft an action plan in response to the team’s recommendations and submit it in March 2015. A follow-up report is due in March 2017, after which the school will be eligible for the longer term accreditation.

The process of self-study and peer review was a huge task for the school, but it was completed with energy and enthusiasm.

“It was my pleasure to be able to serve as Accreditation Coordinator, finishing the task started when I was the School Administrator, and an honor to be the one to accept the certificate in June,” said Ms. Johanson. She added that she is happy to answer questions about the accreditation process, a task for which she is well qualified. Ms. Johanson is now the newly appointed Director of Accreditation for AWSNA.

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