Camellia Family Hike a Joyful Adventure

by on March 6, 2014

By Sarah Casebeer (former Camellia teacher and current at-home mom)

On March 1, 2014, a group of 4th and 5th grade students and parents, led by Movement Teacher and Outdoor Recreation Director Carmen Gunn, hiked the five-milFam_Hike_2_2014ae Blue Ridge Loop Trail in the Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve, located west of Winters, CA. Despite dark clouds that threatened to rain torrents on the steep trail, the weather was perfect. Clouds obscured, then revealed the sun throughout the day and a refreshing breeze cooled our faces.

The children proved to be the most conditioned for the trail, thanks to all of their movement classes with Ms. Gunn, and bounded on ahead of the adults like little mountain goats. According to the two parent geologists in attendance, we were hiking on an ancient ocean floor!Fam_Hike_2_2014b

This was the second steep hike that my family has done with our sixth-month-old child. The group had a fantastic time snacking, clamoring over boulders, and slipping in the mud. We hiked by the foundation and stone walls of an old pioneer house. We spied vultures, that are normally seen gliding in the sky, doing a curious dance: They pulled in their wings and pointed towards the sky like rockets, then dove straight down with great speed. We viewed Lake Berryessa from the top of the ridge; the water was a cool blue-green.

If measured by smiling faces, calmed minds and tired muscles, the hike was a success! It is truly a gift to spend time with students and their families out in nature.

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