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Grades Open House

by February 21, 2018

Tuesday March 6th 2018
from 6-7:30 pm
For new and current families, come learn about the Waldorf curriculum in the grades.
Take a look at our students work, and we will finish with Q & A.… Read more

Grades Teacher Assistant

by February 16, 2018

Camellia Waldorf School seeks an engaged and energetic grade school assistant teacher to support our 2018-2019 combine 1st / 2nd grade class teacher. The position is focused on providing academic support, substitution support, and training towards becoming a class teacher.… Read more

Workshop w/ Dr. Lakshimi

by February 12, 2018

Deepening Our Work with Waldorf Education: meeting the needs of every child

The picture of human nature as given by Rudolf Steiner is the basis of Waldorf Education. To further develop our capacity to meet these children we will work … Read more

School Administrator

by February 9, 2018

The SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR is hired by, reports to, and is
supervised by the Board of Trustees.


Camellia Waldorf School seeks a highly organized and responsible full-time school administrator who will be a principal representative of the school with … Read more

Grades 4th / 5th Class Teacher

by February 6, 2018

Camellia Waldorf School is located in the comfortably-situated Pocket Area, cradled in an embracing curve of the sparkling Sacramento River, conveniently placed with easy freeway and river access. Our teachers enjoy the freedom of taking the children on walks along Read more

Mixed-age Kindergarten Teacher

by January 29, 2018

Camellia Waldorf School seeks a teacher for a mixed-age (3-6 years old) kindergarten, to begin in August 2018. Founded in 1989, Camellia Waldorf School is an AWSNA accredited suburban school with over 120 students from diverse backgrounds. The Camellia community … Read more

Class of 2013 College Acceptance

by June 23, 2017

As the school year has come to a close, we wanted to share with you some news about the twelfth grader students from Camellia’s Class of 2013, who recently graduated from high school.

We wish Camellia’s Class of 2013 success … Read more

Combined Classes FAQs

by June 22, 2017

We are pleased to share a new and innovative structure for our grade school that will offer the best from the Waldorf curriculum while creating a stable structure for our school. These changes will also allow us to increase levels … Read more

Standardized Test Scores February 2017

by January 25, 2017

One of the distinguishing features of a Waldorf education is the absence of testing and competitive academics.  Our Faculty work tirelessly to support the success of each child, to ensure that each child reaches his or her potential, and to … Read more

Announcing Wildflower Forest Preschool

by January 11, 2017

Camellia Waldorf School is delighted to announce that beginning in September 2018, in addition to our traditional early childhood offering, we will also have our new Wildflower Forest Preschool.

Our Wildflower Forest Preschool, an outdoor based program, will be … Read more

Standardized Test Scores for Our Eighth Graders

by February 18, 2016

It is our practice at Camellia Waldorf School to have our students participate in standardized testing during their seventh and eighth grade years. The Terra Nova testing is introduced to give our children an experience with standardized assessment as part … Read more

Open House this Saturday

by November 12, 2015

This Saturday, November 14, at 9:30am, parents and grandparents are invited to bring their young children to experience a bit of the magic of our kindergarten, preschool, and parent-toddler programs! RSVP to admissions@camelliawaldorf.org with your child’s full name and date … Read more

2015 Test Scores

by June 5, 2015
This year’s Terra Nova GME test scores for our current seventh grade class as a group are as follows:
Language Arts 12.8
Reading 11.6
Social Studies 11.3
Science 10.9
Math 10.3

Social Inclusion Approach

by May 19, 2015

One of the many things that was mysterious to me as I started to learn about the Social Inclusion Approach, is why is it called an approach and not a program?

According to Webster’s dictionary a program has the following … Read more

Simplicity Parenting Night with Kim John Payne

by May 6, 2015

Renown educator, author, and family counselor Kim John Payne, encouraged parents to embrace simplicity when it comes to family life and raising children during his Camellia Waldorf School-sponsored public presentation on April 15 at Sierra 2 Center.

“Parents have … Read more

Social Inclusion in Action

by April 21, 2015

With First Grade, Mrs. Amanda Mutrux

News from Apr. 22nd 2015


I hope that many of you enjoyed Kim John Payne’s recent lecture.  He is the author of the book Simplicity Parenting, as well as the creator of the … Read more

Social Inclusion in Action

by March 4, 2015

With Third Grade, Mrs. Thea Blair

News from Mar. 4th 2015


The Social Inclusion approach is alive and well at Camellia Waldorf School!  Mrs. Blair has been implementing the ‘calling out’ system.  When our children speak up in class … Read more

Social Inclusion Program

by March 3, 2015

With Kim John Payne

News from Feb. 25th 2015

Dear Camellia Waldorf Parents, Grandparents and Friends,

It is my pleasure to share an update about our Social Inclusion approach at Camellia Waldorf. About a year ago, the seeds of this … Read more

Educating Children For The Journey

by June 14, 2014
A TEDTalk on Waldorf Education by teacher and author Jack Petrash

Reflections from an 8th grade parent

by June 2, 2014

We came to Camellia in our son’s first year of kindergarten. That makes this our tenth year here. Today was my tenth May Day festival at Camellia. I wanted to write this article because of how impressed I am with … Read more