Parent Toddler Teacher

Lea Nelson-Gemmell

Parent Toddler Teacher

Jessica Campbell

Preschool Teacher

Jennifer Mason

Kindergarten Teacher

Olga Morozova

First Grade Teacher

Sadie Switzer

Second Grade Teacher

Sarah Casebeer

Third & Fourth Grade Teacher

Julie Mulrooney

Third & Fourth Grade Assistant

Jaeme Poncin

Fifth & Sixth Grade Teacher

Shannon Leigh

Fifth & Sixth Grade Assistant

Greg La Traille

Seventh & Eighth Grade Teacher

Amber Fitts

Seventh & Eighth Grade Assistant

Josh Amaral

I am a member of this faculty and also a parent at Camellia Waldorf School. I wholeheartedly respect my fellow colleagues who are multi-talented, insightful and optimistic. I enjoy the down-to-earth parent body whose love for this school warmly welcomes any newcomer. The children are the greatest gift, and this community, parents and faculty alike, strive to work together to support healthy children who enjoy learning.