Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees holds legal and fiduciary responsibility for the school.  The Board of Camellia Waldorf School is made up of parents, alumni parents, community members, faculty, and the administrator.  The Board’s primary responsibilities are to support facilities, manage finances, and handle matters concerning the nonprofit corporation that is our school’s legal entity.  The board also sets tuition and fees, develops the budget, and oversees the development and implementation of the strategic plan.  The Board is empowered to establish committees and create task force groups in order to support their work.  Board meetings are held the first Monday of the month, and are open to all members of the community.  Current Board of Trustees members include the following volunteers:

Jennifer Grant, President
Instructional Design & Documentation, Certent
Current parent at Camellia
Deniz Tuncer, Vice President
International Trade & Development, Aegean Free Zone (ESBAS)
Current parent at Camellia
Meredith Johanson, Treasurer
AWSNA Accreditation Coordinator,
Founding Camellia Administrator
Camellia alumni parent
Antonio Arteaga, Secretary
Employed as part of the management team for a non-profit agency
Current parent at Camellia
Betsey Monnot
Co-Rector, All Saints Episcopal Church
Current parent at Camellia
Kirk Bewley
Owner, Culinary Farms
Camellia alumni parent
Steve Guest
Architect, RMW Architecture & Interiors
Camellia alumni parent
Shannon Leigh
Camellia Grades 5/6 Teacher
Current parent at Camellia
Laura Embrey
Camellia Pedagogical Chair
Tim Takagi
Faculty Physician, Mercy Methodist Family Practice Residency
Camellia alumni parent
Jenny Woods
Education and Outreach Coordinator, Capital City AIDS Fund
Current parent at Camellia